Our Vision

Our Vision

The Place to Be to Run the Race Well.

‘The place to be’……

If Jesus had a home on the earth, we would all want to be there because it would be the place to be. In our hearts that is how we feel about Wellspring, that it is the place to be. It is not what we do but whom we do it with, Jesus! It’s not how we live but who is alive within us – Jesus – that makes Wellspring ‘the place to be’.

Wellspring is a gathering of people of all nations of all walks of life who desire to be found in His presence…In His presence is our rightful place to be.

The Place to be is a heart response. Not so much a destination but a condition of our heart. Wellspring – the place to be.

‘To run the race well’…….


“The Lord showed me an image of a racing yacht. When I saw it, I knew that He was telling me this is how He saw Wellspring. A race winning yacht. Sails full of the wind of the Holy Spirit being directed by Him in everything we do. Each crew member knowing exactly where to be and what to do when it is required. A hull that is streamlined and built well. Powerful, graceful and leading the way.”

Ps Gavin

“…to run the race well.”

To go after the eternal prize as one family in Jesus. To learn how to live fully within the abundant life Jesus has brought us all.

Wellspring is a family of believers – relational and loving. Learning and growing in the wisdom of our Father’s word as part of His family. Doing life together, encouraging and helping each other to run the race well, allowing Wellspring to be – ‘the place to be’.

Apostle Paul wrote- “Run to win”. He encourages us to prepare ourselves like an athlete. A race winning athlete. Like the team on a race winning yacht, running the race well because we are focused on the prize.

That’s our purpose at Wellspring to run the race well becoming more like Jesus! Therefore, The Place to Be!

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